Thank you 2017


2017’s notebooks: where my thoughts and observations are captured

Well 2017, you’ve been quite a year.  It wouldn’t be right to let you pass without a little note of thanks.  I’ve been mulling over how to recognise this significant year since we headed in to the Christmas period.  A review of the year is right here, in these posts, and I didn’t want to simply repeat that.  You know it’s been a massive year for me.  You know I’ve committed to changing the way I live and work.  So how else should I round off this very significant year? 

After much deliberation I realised that the overarching theme of this year has been learning.  It has been an unexpected joy, a consistent challenge and, without doubt, will shape how I live my life in the future.   So here it is: 2017, the year I learnt more than I bargained for.

1.       You always have a choice.

2.       Sometimes you just have to say enough! And make a change.

3.       When you have the germ of an idea and it lights you up, run with it.

4.       Integrity is more important that popularity.

5.       Working for yourself can be less lonely that working for a large organisation.

6.       It is possible to break bad habits and to say farewell to limiting beliefs.

7.       I am capable of taking risks.

8.       It’s ok (more than ok) to believe in yourself.

9.       Just outside of your comfort zone is an incredible life to discover and a whole lot of fun to be had.

10.   If it feels a bit scary, definitely do it.  On the other side is freedom.

11.   It is ok to ask for help.

12.   Most people love to share their stories, their success and challenges and to offer a word of support and encouragement.  Surround yourself with these people.

13.   There is a whole network of amazing, inspiring, badass women out there who are doing their thing.  They make me want to be the best I can be.

14.   There can be real positive power in social media networks and I have discovered, and connected with, some incredibly inspiring women this year.

15.   Exercising my body is essential for keeping my mind healthy.

16.   I love spin.  A truly unexpected discovery.

17.   There are a multitude of ways to challenge yourself.  The learning that comes from these challenges is liberating and energising.

18.   Reflection makes me better at what I do, whatever that is.

19.   Meditation actually works.

20.   Spending time working out what I want to do, for whom and why has been the best possible use of my time.

21.   Being able to articulate what that is in a few words was one of the hardest challenges of the year and one of the most significant levers for getting my business off the ground.

22.   The failures are as valuable as the successes.

23.   I have found real pleasure in writing and sharing my story. 

24.   Learning, whether it be new skills, new ideas, new approaches or new insight into myself, is absolutely central to my motivation and energy. 

25.   You always have a choice.*


*Yes, I know I’ve already said that, but it really has been the most important thing I’ve learnt this year. You always have a choice.

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