International Women’s Day – Let’s change the world

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Well, that’s a bold ask isn’t it.  This time last year I would have balked from making such a statement.  I would have hidden behind fear of judgement, ridicule or indifference.  But a lot can change in a year…

In 2018 I finally listened to my heart and made the decision that had been to-ing and fro-ing in my mind for years. I decided to train as a coach. Making this investment in myself felt like a huge decision but I realised that now I was self-employed it was utterly mine to make. I didn’t need to meet anyone else’s view of what would be valuable or worthwhile. And so, I listened to that insistent voice that was telling me this would be work I would love. And now, almost a year on from making that decision, I can confirm the voice was dead right.

After some research I came across the training that really resonated with me: to become a One of Many Certified Women’s Coach. Empowering women to step in to leadership in their lives, communities and organisations. That was a compelling vision and one that spoke to my heart. I haven’t looked back. My training with One of Many has led to many  deep and life-changing insights for myself. It has helped me to identify what has been holding me back, what has been getting in the way (fear, so much fear) and to let that go to make space for the vision that has emerged in its place.

Because I have a vision now. I think it’s the first time in my life that I have truly had a clear vision for the future I want to create. And that vision has women absolutely at its heart. Because you see, I believe that it is when we, as women, step wholeheartedly in to our unique female power that we can change the world. And it is that kind of power that the world needs right now.

I work in the charity sector. It is a sector bruised and smarting from abuses of trust. It is essential for the greater good of the world that that trust is rebuilt. And I know that it is women, through passionate, compassionate, collaborative, focused and visionary leadership that can herald that change. Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say there is no place for men, that men can’t lead or that women are better. It will take all of us to work in harmony to make the changes that need to be made. But it does mean that there needs to be space and support for different approaches, for new ways of approaching old problems, for new styles of leadership to work alongside those styles of leadership we have recognised until now.

My coaching work will focus on women leaders and emerging leaders who are ambitious for themselves and the causes they believe in. Women who are working hard to achieve those ambitions but who feel that progress is coming at too high a cost for them. Women who are feeling increasingly overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. Women who want to lead from a place of authenticity and integrity but see so many obstacles in their way. Because the world needs you to step in to that powerful position of leadership and for you to be able to do that with ease and impact.

This is me telling fear to shove off. This is me sharing what is in my heart. If it speaks to what is in yours let’s join together. Let’s make a difference. Let’s change the world.




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