I’m Caroline.  That’s me with my youngest daughter.  I love this picture because it was taken a few weeks after I had made a leap in to the unknown.  And you can see how happy we both are about it!

In 2017 I decided to change the way I live my life.  I’ve always been a sensible, risk-averse decision maker. Followed the path to a secure and safe life.  And I was bored and miserable.  I wasn’t the role model to my two daughters that I wanted to be.  My priorities were all wrong and it hit me that I needed to make a change.

So I took the plunge, left the senior management job in the charity I had worked for for ten years and stepped in to the unknown.  It’s a scary place but I’ve found a whole community of people who have done something similar and hopefully by sharing the highs and lows of this adventure with you we can all learn along the way.

If you are making a change in your life, or want to, get in touch with me or comment here.  Together we can build the life we really want.  I truly believe that.

Key facts:

I have two daughters, two guinea pigs and a lovely husband (ha ha, he always seems to come last in the list poor thing!).  I love writing, reading, cooking, camping, drawing and dancing (and my little slice of heaven is doing all of them in one weekend).

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